The Nightingale’s Song

The nightingale sings
Up high in the trees,
To the robin o’er the hill.
He laments the times,
The immoral crimes,
Of felling trees down by the mill.

With his fluent song
Will he sit there long,
And watch this evil work.
His plight portrays
Mankind’s odd ways,
An invasion of his world.

The robin sighs,
The nightingale cries,
‘I’ll nest at the mill no more.’
The robin says
‘You must change your ways
And leave this human foe.’

Up in the hills,
A nest he builds,
In an elm tree tall and strong.
The robin agrees,
‘It’s a good place to be,
But will you be safe for long?’

1971, October

2 thoughts on “The Nightingale’s Song

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